CIMB Bank Secure e-Pay Activation

CIMB Clicks is pleased to introduce the latest security enhancements; SecureWord and additional Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) retrieval. SecureWord is an additional authentication layer used by CIMB Clicks internet banking to verify that the login page is a genuine CIMB Clicks site.

TAC on Device (New)
At the touch of a button, the device generates a unique and dynamic TAC. This is the TAC which you normally receive via SMS. The TAC constantly changes and is unique to your device. 

Since you have the device, only you can generate and obtain the TAC. TAC is generated instantly so you’ll be able to complete your transaction immediately.

TAC on Mobile (New)
TAC on Mobile is available in the form of an app that is downloaded directly to your mobile phone. It generates a unique & dynamic TAC instantly. This is the TAC which you would normally receive via SMS. You will need to be a CIMB Clicks mobile banking or Clicks App user to be able to access TAC on Mobile.

Current Users: 

You’ll be prompted for a version upgrade after signing in. The version upgrade will come with TAC on Mobile

New Users:

Sign up for mobile banking via CIMB Clicks. A link will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS for you to download the mobile banking application which comes with TAC on Mobile. 

TAC via SMS (Current) 
This is the usual SMS that you receive to complete a transaction. The SMS is transaction-tied so you’ll only be able to use your TAC once.

If there is any unforeseen service interruption to any of the Telco’s platforms, we will deliver your TAC from the following authorized longcode numbers. This is to ensure that there is no disruption in the delivery of TAC to our customers.
Telco Shortcode
Maxis 0122260911, 0172045855, 0172045866, 0173341267, 0173234902, 0173454943, 0178793454, 0172834255, 0178780003, 0178140188, 0176711914, 0178781721, 0173464701, 0175714515, 0175714518, 0172824564, 0178544586
Celcom 0192111911, 0193374429, 0192266180, 0137523190,0137523191
Digi 0162211911, 0162143346, 0162143861, 0162149443, 0162516180