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LD~Venus Gold Promotion Package - Beauty from the Inside Out
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LD Venus Gold - 20 bottles
Hormones make up the endocrine (hormonal) system and are responsible for the development, growth, metabolism and reproductive functions throughout a woman’s life. Physiological changes are often caused by hormonal upheavals during the critical phases of puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause to address the different needs of the body, thus affecting the quality of life.

In Chinese medicine, the kidney, liver, endocrine and reproductive systems are interconnected and nourishing these systems in a holistic combination of herbs can help improve overall health and vitality while alleviating specific physiological symptoms or discomforts.

LD-Venus Gold is formulated using a time-tested herbal formulation with top grade Chinese herbs like Dang Gui, Dang Shen, Dan Shen, Bai jiang Cao, Yi Mu Cao and huang Qi to help regulate menses, enrich the blood, assist in recovery after childbirth and may offer relief for menopausal women.

LD-Venus Gold is conveniently bottled in miniature vials for consumption and does not require preparation or boiling. It is also certified halal and does not contain hormones, chemicals or artificial ingredients.

** Expectant mothers and women who are having their menses are advised to stop consuming
     LD~VENUS GOLD. Advisable to start taking only 2-3 days after the end of each menses