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Cristal Angels Body Shaper - glamorous. curvaceous. comfortable.

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The Cristal Angels Collection is designed to shape and hold your spine to create a better posture so that your lines become ever more elegant and sophisticated. 

3 Comfort Enhancements

  1. A Luxurious Caress
    The use of power-net material made with a tripod-shaped thread allows maximum moisture absorption and ventilation, thus allowing your skin to breathe throughout the day.
  2. Quick Dry
    Skin is kept comfortably dry with the new anti-moisture fabric which has a drying speed two times higher than cotton.
  3. A Fresh Start
    The development of Miraculous, a unique fabric with built-in pH neutralising properties that minimise any unpleasant odour.


3 Shaping Enhancements

  1. Fuller Bust with latest 3D Soft Cup Bra that helps to create a natural curvature around bust area
  2. Enhanced Cleavage with Nano Front Super Fine Fibers that effectively mobilise fats into bra cups, resulting in a sexy cleavage
  3. Instant Body Lift with Quup Aqua, a high-tech supporting power-net that has superior stretching power and resiliency